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Health claim rejection

I had submitted a physiotherapy claim under RR-HS22-13115177. After a lot of communication it got rejcted due to non hospitalisation. They never asked me for hospitalistion during any of the 30 days communicatons. So I again submitted 24hr hospitalisation and discharge details. Now they have rejected the claim just becuase the hospital admission time and discharge timing is not there. These people are sitting there to harass and loot the patients. One of the query I had received was to submit anesthesia injection report for physiotherapy 😂. Yesterday one Mr.Amit called me and asked me to submit a letter from hospital for confirming the hospital admission and discharge timing. But today it again got rejected citing the same reasons. There is no value for the money what customers are paying to them. Most surprisingly the claim people have no medical background to understand physiotherapy. I regret for taking 5 policies of HDFC ergo and I will soon port this to some other reliable health  insurance companies.