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Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

What is the claim procedure under Motor Insurance?

Mumpy Das
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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

Motor Claims are generally of Own Damage, Third Party Loss or Theft Claims.


Own Damage : When your own, insured vehicle is damaged.

Third Party:  For personal injury or property damage related to someone else. 

                    Also if you are the Victim, and somebody else's vehicle is involved, you must obtain the insurance details of that vehicle and make an intimation to the Insurer of that vehicle. 

Theft Claims : If your vehicle is stolen, you should inform Police, Your Insurance Company and also the transport department. 


So once you intimate about loss to Insurer, they appoint a Loss Assessor (which happen within couple of hours). He will do spot inspection and will keep you updated throughout through SMS and Mails. 


Please Remember : You can fast forward the claim procedure by submitting the Documents on time. 

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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

In very simple words, motor insurance is a financial protection. It is a policy that is signed between 2 parties- The policy holder and the insurer. It covers all the losses that one might face due to the damaged done to the car or in case of theft. The suitable car insurance policy that are broadly divided into comprehensive cover and third party insurance, car insurance is must. Comprehensive cover protects you against damages caused to your car, while third party insurance provides cover for the damages caused to other person or property by your vehicle.
Compare car insurance policies online by 12+ car insurance companies. Buy or renew best auto insurance with premium comparison. 

Documents Required to Buy Online. Purchasing motor insurance online requires minimal documentation. If you are buying a new insurance policy, then you need to fill a proposal form and a copy of Registration Certificate (RC).

In case of renewals, you need to provide a copy of Registration Certificate (RC) along with the previous insurance policy. It is advisable for you to fill your details carefully as by providing accurate and complete information you will face no issues at the time of a claim.
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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

First, check the nearest network garage: 



Sources For Intimation of Claim:
1. Online registration of Claim: https://www.hdfcergo.com/customer-care/claim-intimation.html
2. Call the Toll free: 24x7 customer helpline number 1800 2700 700 (Accessible from India only) and get your claim number.
3. IPO Insurance Portfolio Organiser: HDFC ERGO Mobile App. Download from here: https://www.hdfcergo.com/MobileAppsDownloadPopUp.aspx?type=android


You can opt for any of these :

1. Cashless Claim Procedure: Where the garage and HDFC ERGO have tie up. where you have peace of mind by not paying a huge amount to the garage. 

2. Reimbursement Claim Process: If due to some reason you don't end up in Network garage then you can fix your vehicle from the non-network garage and get your bills reimbursed later.


Don't delay in registering the claim. If you are late they will ask for the reason of delay which should be reasonable.  


Some basic terms used while calculating claim i.e. what makes up the claim amount.

The Repair and replacement costs, less the depreciation value. 

Insurers have provided some additional coverages like a topping on an ice cream, which stops excessive deductions from claim amount like zero dep. 

Consider an example where you have an unfortunate accident causing damage to your vehicle and a component made of fiberglass like the bumper is damaged. 
Total estimated cost 80,000
Standard deduction for depreciation @ 30% 24,000
Other standard deductions (Compulsory deductible) 1,000
Claim payment without Zero Depreciation 55,000
Claim payment with Zero Depreciation 79,000
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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

Hi I m staying in Punjab Barnala district.can you tell me the procedure for claiming my insurance.my bike requires touch up which occurred during transit of cargo. Kindly provide any no. Of any agent who can assist
Violet Pinto
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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance


Click on this link: https://www.hdfcergo.com/customer-care/claim-intimation.html

Use your Registered Phone no or Policy No or Registered email id, once you click on GO, you will receive an OTP and then you can initiate the claim. 

Initiating claim online is easier than calling and asking them to do it. 

But if you have trouble doing it online you can totally register it by calling there, they will be happy to help you.  

Violet Pinto
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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

Anyway, when you will register your claim there, they will contact you automatically, they have some specific timeline in which they have to respond. 

And if there is trouble intimating online you can call and do it via 1800 2 700 700

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Re: Claim Procedure for Motor Insurance

can insurer deduct any amount due to installation of official cng kit. Is it compulsory to take adons and even informed the company about it? Is this explain in policy wordings?