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Claim delay

Hello sir,

Myself Mehul chavda son of Snehltaben Chavda.

We have lodge claim for stolen car on March 2021.

We have submitted all complete documents on September 2021.

Till date we didn't have received any amount.

Afterwards surveyor was asking more paper and delayed payment although we have submitted all documents requested by him.

In between Surveyor has sent us one cheque for loan settlement which falls dishonored by bank due to mistake in bank name.

How company can make mistake in printing wrong bank name??

Thus he again delay my payment.

Now we have submitted dishonored cheque to surveyor and it is been more 20days we didn't have received new cheque.

On calling him, he ask for 2-3 days more every time.

Why company mention on website for same day claim settlement. ?

Why company not ask for so many documents while giving policy and for claim hundred of documents?

Why there is still delay for my amount?

Will company pay interest on unpaid claim amount?

Requesting you to pay close attention to my case.

I have attached necessary documents for your reference.

Details :

Policy No : 2311203575922200000
Name : Snehltaben chavda
Claim number : C230020446429

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Re: Claim delay

Hi Mr. Chavda,


We had communicated your message to our customer support team. I hope the response they provided was satisfactory.