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Karthik rangaraju
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No claim bonus scam

This is Karthik. <br>I have been cheated from so called hdfc ergo agent Rohit Malhotra +919654846793 of Rs. 50,000/-.<br>It started by receiving a call from agent Ashok about bonus of 1lakh is sanctioned to your name for not making any expense or claim during the 3year health insurance period. <br>As part of verification agent asked to take cigma insuran Rs25000/-. Later this agent processes it to transcation team Rohit Malhotra. He asks to show transcation for the money to get refunded to your resp. Bank account. He initiated a new Bharti axa policy for Rs. 25000/- again. He mentions about not telling the insurance agent calling up to mention about any claim procedures. After all this he mentions a date for money to get transformed to your account. Later his phone is not responding. He is all tied with hdfc ergo call center employees and bank authority received commission for giving customers personal details. This is a big scam between third party and hdfc personal.
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Re: No claim bonus scam

Even I recieved a call from hdfc ergo third party to claim the amount
I didn’t believe them because they asked me to pay 22700 to claim the amount.
However my question is is it true
I had a loan and had hdfc ergo insurance with it
I closed my loan few months ago is there an option to claim the insurance now. And if yes how?