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What is a Personal accident?

What is a Personal accident?

Siddhesh P
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

Accident means any sudden or unexpected event, which leads to a permanent physical disability or accidental death.

Karan Kumar
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

Personal Accident is the most important yet undiscovered Insurance Product.

But I have heard that the returns of the product are too high compared to its cost.


Vaishali Shroff
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

Yeah, Karan, that's true. 

In the simplest words, PA Insurance means financial backup for injury, disability or death due to an accident. 

Violet Pinto
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

But how does it work ? 

I mean how do you know which accident is covered ? 

Pranita Dalvi
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

This product covers all injury, or disability or death happened due to accident.

So the insurance company financially support the insured(one who buys this policy) in these cases: 

Accidental Death
Permanent Total Disablement
Permanent Partial Disablement
Temporary Total Disablement
Hospital Daily Cash
Ambulance Expenses
Transportation or Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Broken Bones
Family Transportation Allowance
Education Advantage
Loan Protector
Adaptation Allowance , etc.


Various Insurance Companies have different coverages and premium ratings. 



Mumpy Das
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Re: What is a Personal accident?


Shwetha Padmashali
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

Disablement : Handicap, or impairment.


So any accident causing disablement can be taken care of by this policy.

But of course the amount payable for different disability is different.

For example at the time of Permanent Total Disablement entire(100%) Sum Insured is payed by the Insurance Company. 

Pooja Tank
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

I would like to add that please share these pieces of information with your parents, spouse, and children.As statistics show that even after having Insurance Policy, in a lot of cases the family members don't know what to do at the time of an accident.

Here is what to do. Please, you should copy these steps and forward it all loved ones for their and your own well being.

In case you are HDFC ERGO Customer, for any event leading to a claim under the policy, please call Toll-free Number 1-800-2700-700.
And give them all the relevant information so that they can inform you about the entire process and help you with this situation.

In case you are not insured with some other insurance company, you should save their toll-free no for the time of loss.

You should always keep Insurance Company's Contact no saved on your phone and on your family member's phone.

Juned Shaikh
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Re: What is a Personal accident?

These details look very promising, how can i buy this policy?