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Ambulance Expense Coverage

Does  Ambulance Cost be covered in my health Insurance Policy if I arrange ambulance Facility on my own?

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Re: Ambulance Expense Coverage

Yes  Ambulance costs are covered if the registered ambulance is used for the transportation of patient to the hospital for treatment of illness or injury

Priyanka Singh
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Re: Ambulance Expense Coverage

Keep in mind that even if your ambulance trip is covered, your emergency care might not be. If the ambulance takes you to an out-of-network hospital (a hospital that does not have a contract with your insurer), you may end up with some high out-of-network bills. Unfortunately, if you’re in the position to need an ambulance, you may not be able to control where you end up. What happens next depends on your insurance company.


So, notify your insurance carrier within 24 hours of admission into an out-of-network hospital. You may be able to negotiate an in-network fee.