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Hearing aid

I have taken a hearing aid worth 1lakh for my father-in-law. Can I insure it?

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Re: Hearing aid

Hearing aids are not generally covered by health insurance

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Re: Hearing aid

Check your policy document or talk to your company as hearing aids are not covered  in standard policies

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Re: Hearing aid

Generally , hearing AID won't be covered in the Standard cover of the policy. You need to contact company and see if any add-ons can be taken for the hearing aid with the standard health policy.

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Re: Hearing aid

It won't be covered in your health insurance policy. Call your insurance company and ask them how it can be covered by taking add-on or by paying extra premium. Generally cost of hearing aids, spectacles, etc are not covered in health insurance policy. However, some insurance companies, like HDFC ERGO, gives an option to the insured to get  it covered upto a specified amount, on payment of extra premium.