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Is room rent covered under health plans?

Is room rent covered under health plans?

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Re: room rent

Room rents for hospitalisation are covered under health plans upto a limit only. Difference if any, needs to be borne by you.

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Re: room rent

Yes, but there is an upper limit

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Re: Is room rent covered under health plans?

Yes, all the expenses incurred during your  hospitalization upto your policy limit will be covered in your health Insurance Policy. 

Nyra Iyer
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Re: Is room rent covered under health plans?

Yes, room rent expenses will be covered under your health insurance policy but, with the upper capping limit which will decide the maximum amount payable by your insurance company.
In case, the room rent is higher than the capping limit, the excess rent will have to be paid from your own pocket.
Some insurance companies like HDFC ERGO to offer no capping on room rent in their Health Suraksha plan. You can check this plan

Vishal Sharma
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Re: Is room rent covered under health plans?

The Hospital Room rent is payable under Health Insurance Plans. 

The patient can claim for room rent expenses if he/she is hospitalized for more than 24 hours. / or if he/she is going through some surgery where the patient is discharged within few hours like renal biopsy, liver biopsy etc, which are also known as daycare Procedure.

By the way, HDFC ERGO covers 144 such day care treatment.

Insurers generally keep capping on room rent depending on Sum Insured etc. BUT HDFC ERGO doesn't have capping on room rent.

Which means if an HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Customer suffers from some illness, he/she is eligible to claim entire Room rent from that policy. 

Therefore, He/She can stay at some fancy hospital room and claim for it. But of course, everything has a condition! here: He/She can claim for the expenses incurred for treatment up to the Sum Insured Only. 

getting hospitalized is rare (and it should be) but whenever the time comes prepare yourself for the best treatment. 

This policy actually helped me when I was in need. 

I bought this policy by calculating premium online with some basic details on this link. : http://bit.ly/2Chpjoe


Sridhara n@62
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Re: Is room rent covered under health plans?

I was holding a policy during 2012 - 2014, unfortunately I am not having reference of the policy, let me know what ll be the premium for my wife and me
Sridharan age 57
Sandhya age 51
Premium @ annual basis & floater policy for 2 lacs