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Lack of FIR

My brother was involved in an accident. However, there was no FIR lodged. Can he still claim insurance under his health plan?

Anuj Shergil
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Re: Lack of FIR

It is advisable to file an accident report with the local police for smooth insurance claims.

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Re: Lack of FIR

He may not be able to claim health insurance if there is no FIR

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Re: Lack of FIR

I guess there is very less chance that claim for your brother will be processed if there is no FIR. It is important to lodge an FIR in case of accident to process your claim.

Jagannath Jangam
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Re: Lack of FIR

Need to lodge a FIR at the nearest policy station in the area where accident took place for the smooth processing of the claim.
FIR will be required for all road traffic accident cases.