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Legitimate claim not reimbursed

I have taken a policy vide number 2805203613514800 and it was due for renewal on 27th July 2021. I am eligible for reimbursement against health check-ups/tests done. However due to the Covid situation, I couldn't get the tests done within 27th July 2021. I contacted the agent SPA Insurance Services and their representative told me that I can pay the renewal premium within one month from the expiry of the policy. She told me that I can pay the premium and I will get reimbursement each year (if unclaimed) at any time. Due to Covid, I couldn't get the tests done and I have confirmed to her that I will get the tests done and submit the bill after a couple of days, which she assured of reimbursement. Now the company has escaped one year's reimbursement and SPA conveniently ignored my legitimate claims. I had been cheated by the SPA and HDFC Ergo. I am following it up for a very long now and have no option other than lodging a complaint against the HDFC Ergo. I have lost Rs. 10K due to non-reimbursement of routine health check ups. 


Please get my reimbursement done without delaying further and oblige.




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