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OPD Expenses

Will outpatient expenses be covered by health insurance?

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Re: OPD Expenses

Check your policy document details. Certain policies and insurers cater to outpatient treatments for some diseases

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Re: OPD Expenses

Most health insurance providers only cover hospitalization expenses and this limits the scope of cover for Out Patient Department expenses. OPD cover assists the insured to claim expenses other than that incurred during hospitalization.These expenses include doctor’s consultation fees, health check-ups, pharmacy bills, dental treatment, diagnostic tests, etc.

Ritika Bhansali
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Re: OPD Expenses

Most products cover diagnosis fee, medicine costs and doctor's consultancy only if the disease that is being treated for is admissible for a claim. However, there are about 5 to 8 companies that have launched health insurance that pays for OPD fees as well. All the items mentioned get covered in that OPD fees.

Out patient expenses may be covered under pre and post hospitalization expenses, if the main claim for hospitalization is admissible. However, some insurance companies may cover Out patient expenses on payment of extra premium either as a rider or as a specific product covering only out patient expenses.