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Bring some light in their life who is really looking for it.......!!

Hi All,


This is Sumegh.....!!


I have very simple veiws about Diwali, Health and Saftey....!!


Diwali is festival which should be celebrated with saftery keeping your health intact. As  we say Diawali is festival of lights, we celebrate it at out best....We prepare sweets, buy new clothes, visit our relatives and then comes most intresting factor which is cracker...!! But do you really think Diwali can be celebrated without crackers...? Health and  saftery are directly associated with it....!! My answer is "YES", we can....!!


If we look at other part of the society who do not have money to do all the above things however still they enjoy just by looking at others...These are satisfied group of people...!! They find their happiness in others.


For me, I make it a practise that I celebrate my Diwali at orphanage where in i spend my entire day with the kids who does not have their home, they do not have their parents, they do not have anyopne of theirs...I get sweets, gifts and play games with these kids. By doing this i maintain Health and saftey for my family and for these kids as well...!


Question comes what I get by doing this....? Most important things is, kind of satisfaction, Happiness what i saw on their face, you can not compare that with anything...your status, your money and designation is nothing infront of them....!! And that the actual Health for you....!!


Hecne if everyon of us even celebrate diwali with such two kind of kids you can automatically take care of your health and safty for others...!! Think on this....!!


Happy Diwali....!!!