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Crackers’ Safe Diwali

I would like to share few details which should be taken care of on Diwali

1. Make sure you buy Fireworks from a licensed shop.

2. Always keep the fireworks in a closed box.

3. Store crackers away from sources of fire or ignition; also keep them away from the reach of toddlers.
4. Read the instructions and follow all safety precautions instructed with regard to the use of fireworks.

5.Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields.

6. While lighting the crackers, stand at an arm's length, away from the Cracker.

7. Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water this way you can avoid people from stepping on to and hurting their feet from used fireworks which are thrown on the ground.

8. Keep buckets of water and blankets ready, in case a fire breaks out.

8. Wear thick cotton clothes while bursting crackers, so as to ensure maximum safety from fire.

9. While igniting Diwali aerial fireworks like rockets, ensure that they are not facing any opening like a window, door or an open building gate. If the rockets zoom into them, it may cause fire accidents.

10. Wear footwear while lighting Diwali fireworks.

11. Light only one firework at a time and one person should do it. Others should watch from a safe distance.

12.Put your vehicles in a garage.