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Health Precautions and Safety Measures taken during Diwali.

Diwali the annual festival of lights is here, bringing in the much needed joy in the hearts of the Indian people and also a positive period for the markets. Bursting crackers is a norm in Diwali and most families, especially those who don’t have pets, enjoy the patakas and the fulljhadis. Here are some safety tips that you must follow while bursting crackers.

1. Patients with chronic lung diseases should avoid places with heavy cracker pollution and should avoid bursting crackers.

2. Such patients should use masks when going out.

3. People should wear earplugs to avoid any damage to the eardrums.

4. Young children should only play with crackers in the presence of parents and seniors.

5. Never catch a cracker, especially which has been lit, in the hand as it may burst.

6. Don’t wear loose clothes like saris, frocks, anarkalis and those made with inflammable fibers like nylon and terrycot.

7. Don’t eat or gift perishable sweets especially made of milk and khoya as these are made long before Diwali.

8. In case clothes catch fire, extinguish by putting a blanket around the fire or sprinkle water.

9. Check your inhalers because on Diwali day you may not get any medicine.

10. Keep a first aid kit handy. Eye drops should also be kept in easy reach.

   Have a safe and happy Diwali and     Happy New Year! in Advance Smiley Happy Smiley Happy