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R C Iyer
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Health & Safety during Diwali

I am 81+ years old Sr Citizen who is absolutely fit. During Diwali I take the following care and precautions:


1. Eat only home made sweets.


2. Eat within my limits


3. Monitor my sugar level though I dont have any sugar problem by the grace of god. I have a Glucometer which I use to measure my sugar levels


4. Ensure that I don't miss my Yoga session in the morning and walking session in the evening so that extra carbohydrates gets burned


5. Burst crackers in limit and keep a bucket of water near me for any emmergency.

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Re: Health & Safety during Diwali

1-People who suffer from asthma should carry their inhalers and other medication around

2-Lung and heart patients are advised to wear masks and ear plugs.

3-Pregnant women should try to stay indoors, away from the smoke and noise