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Health and Safety on Diwali

Diwali is the only one festival where Health & Safety is a concern. Diwali is gathering of all age groups. I keep that in my mind and my snacks and savouries are prepared. I do not use white sugar rather i use cane sugar or palm sugar to prepare any kind of sweets. And snacks are prepared with Ragi and millets in gingelly oil because eat delicious and stay good in health is important. And the Diwali dinner is not of varieties, but limited menu . I have mentioned in detail about the ingredients because even on occassions we can still follow our diet plan and which will not affect our health. We need to saty healthy for our own good which is otherwise safe for us too. So don't eat outside and packed foods and spoil your health


Coming to Safety, Diwali is Crackers. Without that it is so incomplete. Wear some gloves when you lit crackers, do not wear flowy dresses, wear comfortable slippers, lit it up with a distance, ensure no people or vehicle around you at the nearest distance. Ensure not to pollute with many or with the ones with dense smoke. Buy limited enjoy unlimited. Safety along with social responsibility is most important. Keep environment and safety in mind. Parents ensure your child's safety and children use crackers with some adult beside you.

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Re: Health and Safety on Diwali

People who suffer from asthma should carry their inhalers and other medication around

Lung and heart patients are advised to wear masks and ear plugs.
Pregnant women should try to stay indoors, away from the smoke and noise