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Heath and Safety during Diwali

I stay in a joint family, the seven members in our family are of age group between 10 to 71, plus our pet (4year old spitz). Diwali is no doubt the best period to enjoy for our family with friends and relatives, but we should follow some precautions and measures to protect us. The under mentioned point are a sure thing that we follow inDiwali times:
1. We don't buy readymade food and sweets from market.
2. We family members with help from a cook and helper prepare sweets and food for our family and also sweets for distribution are home made. Reason for this is their is so much rush at the time of Diwali that chances of malfunction in readymade food items increases a lot.
3. We politely try to convince friends and relatives not to give sweets purchased from shops instead we are happy if they bring chocolates or home made sweets and food.
4. Since last 10 years I am doing this awareness, first 3-4 years many people used to get offended and though I was arrogant but after some time they are also realising and trying to follow my footstep.
5. As 3 days of Diwali people tend to sleep late, it's a suggestion that one should complete dinner by 8-8.30 pm and if possible try to take a spoon full of Husk in a glass ful of water half hour before dinner. You can take light snacks if you sleep late.
6. Don't drink too much of tea and coffee and also avoid alcohol