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Our Preparation for coming Diwali

We enjoy this season specially my daughter 5yrs likes crackers but same time we are very careful and concern of many things.. My areas people mostly youth go crazy and I have faced many unfavorable situation led some damages to my property.    Few things we keep ready to safe guard our property and health

    I will make sure all my gate light fitting are tight - due to big sound it shatters
    I remove my car covering - spark of crackers fall and left many holes in it
    Door and widows are close to avoid crackers smoke in the house .

    Safe guard
         Make sure we are with cotton cloth and not with synthetic materials
         Buy quality crackers has all instruction and warning
         Make sure my daughter using in our supervision
         Make sure she is not doing in close area but open place
         Make sure my first Aid-Kit contains all needed items
         Clean up the areas by morning entire premises and road.
        Sensitive to my pet Dog Peppy 6yrs though she used to it but still age factor …

         Diwali cannot go without sweets .. due to huge demand many sweets maker compromise the quality of the milk . Make sure to buy with reputed shop to sure sweets are quality one .

     And enjoy rest with my family and friends..
    Happy Diwali to all