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Vaishali Shroff
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Registered: ‎12-09-2017

Home Insurance Coverages

Do Home Insurance Cover Jewellery and other contents kept at Home?

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Mumpy Das
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Re: Home Insurance Coverages

Home Insurance cover jewellery and other contents kept at home like curios, antiques, pictures, work of art, collection of stamps, coins and medals also clothing, spectacles, umbrellas, footwear, etc.

Not much people know that these contents can be covered, but one can save his/her home from
- Fire and lightning, Earthquake,
- Explosion/Implosion,
- Aircraft Damage,
- Riot Strike and
- Damage like Burglary,
- Housebreaking, theft, Larceny etc.

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Tushar Parab
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Re: Home Insurance Coverages

Usually, Home Insurance is not preferred Insurance, because people doesn't know it's importance yet.

Most of Home Insurance is sold as an compulsory insurance with the bank loan. Apart from bank loan properties the penetration of Home Insurance in India not so good.

So if you own a house you can go for a long-term cover and if you live on rental basis you can just cover the contents and live peacefully.