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Luxury car add ons

I was forced to take BSI for my new BMW. Is this beneficial

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Re: Luxury car add ons

BMW will generally not force you to take BSI, but it is a good idea to have it. BSI covers all damages and most wear and tear. Since repairs to BMW  cars can be pretty expensive, its worthwhile to take BSI so you don't have to pay for the damages

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Re: Luxury car add ons



I thinkl the BSI(BMW Service Inclusive) package cover that you have bought will be really helpful as it will cover all maintenance work, including any BMW Original Parts and oil required.


Hey checkout what all services does they provide:
Engine oil service plus top-ups
Vehicle check and standard scopes
Service/replacement of air filter
Service/replacement of fuel filter
Service/replacement of micro filter
Service/replacement of spark plugs
Service/replacement of brake fluid and as Seema Said repairs to BMW cars can be pretty expensive.