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Auto Insurance

In what all Instances you cannot claim your Personal Accident Insurance?
Shwetha Padmashali
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Re: Auto Insurance

For proper clarification you should refer your policy Copy for the specific exclusions that your insurer levy,


Anyway, Some of the General Exclusions of Personal Accident Policies are:

- Bodily Injury or Sickness caused by Civil War or Foreign War.  

- Bodily Injury or Sickness caused or provoked intentional by insured person.

- Bodily injury due to gradually operating clause. 

- Bodily Injury sustained while or as a result of riding or driving a motorcycle or motor scooter over one hundred fifty (150) cc.

-Bodily injury sustained while or as a result of participating in any criminal act.

-Any pathological fracture.

-Treatment for nervous or mental problems, whatever classification, psychiatric or psychotic conditions, depression of any kind, or mental insanity.

-Any medical Expenses incurred, the need of which arises our of a Pre existing condition.

-Bodily Injury caused by or arising from or as a result of terrorism.