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Liena Shetty
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Registered: ‎12-07-2017

How does cashless service work in Motor policy?

How does cashless service work in Motor policy?
Rahul Verma
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Registered: ‎23-08-2017

Re: How does cashless service work in Motor policy?

Now we know that car insurance companies have tie-ups with certain garages and service centers, particularly those which are popular in their respective locality.


Most insurers furnish the policyholders with a list of authorized garages in their network. The list is also available on the insurance companies’ official websites. In fact, even your car insurance agent will be able to help you with this. Alternatively, every insurance company has a TOLL FREE number these day, from where one can get all the details of the cashless service centers.


The essential part of the tie-up is that, in the event of an accident-led damage, the garage/service center repairs the policyholder’s car as per the cover applied for. Once the inspection of the car is carried out and an approval for the cashless settlement is issued, the service center repairs the car and forwards the bills and other necessary documents to the insurance company for final settlement. The insurance firm then thoroughly evaluates the bill, verifying and investigating every detail before paying the bill amount to the garage.