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Renewal Notice

I can't understand my renewal notice

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Re: Renewal Notice

Each insurance company notifies policy holders about renwal of insurance policy by sending renewal notice in advance. You can read the insurance notice fully to identify the amount of premium to be paid, and the insurance coverage.

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Re: Renewal Notice

The renewal notice should ideally clearly mention the premium to be paid, the coverage and the due date. That is all you need to understand.

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Re: Renewal Notice

Most Insurance Companies would intimate you about your insurance renewal through a renewal notice / SMS / e mail. The renewal notice would give you a complete view of your vehicle details and the renewal terms and conditions. It will provide you the details about premium, coverage offered, any optional add on coverage that you may like to purchase and ways to renew your policy.

You could simply attach the premium cheque to the renewal notice and send to your insurer for renewal.