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Respected Sir,

I have port my health insurance from care to hdfc ergo.
Sir i am giving you suggestion and feedback for you please consider it if it is found good.
sir policy bazaar giving a additional services to the insurance holders provide a R.M to each and every policy holders. All insurance holders have to call R.M which is provided by policy bazaar if insurance holder required to hospitalized. R.M duty is to do all paper works related to admit in hospital and discharge from hospital and claim related services. policy holders does not do any kind of work regarding hospitlization and claim related works. all works will be done by R.M.
Sir paper work in the hospital is hard work every policy holders not necessary have knowledge to handle this.
policy bazaar started this services in 100 cities.
I know that your and policy bazaar does not have any competition but your priorty is customer satisfaction so i am writting you.
So I think you also have to think about that for giving some kind of services to your customer.
This will surely improve your services and Customers because till now no one company gives services like that directly to customers. If you provide this kind of services directly to customers i think this will help you too for grow your customers and business.
as a customer of yours my duty is to inform you whats going on market
so if you like this suggestion/feedback accept it