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How To QuickBooks Downloads & Install On Windows?

QuickBooks is essential accounting software when it comes to recording maintenance, bookkeeping, or managing finances. However, like other applications, QuickBooks is also required to be downloaded and installed accurately in order to start using it. But, not all users are proficient enough in QuickBooks Download and its installation process. So, we’ve gathered a comprehensive guide for you to download and install QBs on your Windows Desktop. Let’s follow:

  • First, browse the official Intuit site.
  • Look for the “Download for Windows” tab and give click on it.
  • Once done, open the “QuickBooks.exe” file.
  • Follow the on-screen prompted instructions.
  • Check the “Agree” box to accept the Software License Agreement.
  • Then, press “Next.”
  • Now, enter your Product and License Numbers and click “Next.”
  • Now, click “Install” and then open QuickBooks.