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credit card insurance

Do I need to keep the auto insurance policy document with me always?

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Re: credit card insurance

Yes, most credit cards do offer some form of travel insurance if you use them to book your tickets.It would be advisable to check with your credit card company.

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Re: credit card insurance

Credit cards have an inbuilt insurance of you buy your ticket using them. But this insurance is not comprehensive and so you can not depend on it for all your emergencies. Buy a separate travel insurance

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Re: credit card insurance

Credit card are compulsary for the new policy sir,
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Vishal Sharma
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Re: credit card insurance

no no, you don't necessarily need credit card. Credit card are required only if you want to buy or renew your insurance policy by credit card payment mode. You can always use different modes of payment while buying/renewing insurance policy like debit card, net banking, payzapp etc.