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travel insurance

What would be a sufficient sum insured for a family of four. I am travelling to USA
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Re: travel insurance

In USA, the cost of medical care is quite high. So, it would be ideal to take a travel policy of around $50,000 for each family member. This will also cover for any theft or loss of your belongings while travelling.

Anuj Shergil
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Re: travel insurance

I suggest, since you are travelling with your family, you should buy a family floater policy. Assuming that not everyone in your family will face a medical emergency or loose their belongings, a sum insured of $100,000 under family floater can be a good choice.

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Re: travel insurance

travel insurance covers your entire trip expenses including baggage lose and accidents

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Re: travel insurance

What are the norms provided in your policy for travel insurance ,which favour consumers and not

your Insurance company.